Adebimpe Adebowale, Senior Product Designer with over 5 years experience passionate about designing simple, usable and impactful products.

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Adebowale Adebimpe

I help early-stage and mid-sized companies create innovative products that solves problems, and are impactful and creates delightful experiences for users.

I am currently pursuing my Master’s in Human-Computer Interaction Design at the University of Leicester. I also work forRunbuggy helping drive innovation at scale. In my spare time, I mentor early-career designers through Designlab, providing them guidance and advice as they navigate their UX design career.

My career started off in frontend development, and picked up design along the way. Over the last five years of professional experience, I have led design across various companies. I am passionate about helping the world be a better place by user-centric digital experiences that are seamless to use and makes living a lot less stressful. My design work focues on usability, accessibility, information architecture, whilst keeping scale in mind.

When I am not working, you can find me watching an action movie, sleeping, or hanging out with my friends.

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